Compendium Vintage Microphone Advertisements

    This book has been compiled from many different vintage electronics, radio and microphone catalogs that I have purchased and collected. It spans the years between 1929 and 1958.

    The compendium is 142 pages printed in color using a color laserjet printer. An index was also constructed and the reproductions are high quality. The indices are displayed below.

    At present, I have printed only one copy of the book. It will be delivered by Priority mail and in an unbound format.


    Postal Policy:

      The only postal option offered is the United States Postal Service, Priority or Express mail.   Insurance is highly recommended.  I will assist you on any needed. insurance claims but I cannot be responsible for lost or damaged uninsured items.

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      I pack in a paranoid fashion, double boxed, bubble wrapped and often styrofoamed with shredded papered. The item is usually in a separate plastic bag as well.


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