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Offered for auction is one Bang & Olufsen Ribbon Microphone, the BM-2.  BM stands for Band Mikrofon which is a Velocity, Pressure Gradient ribbon microphone.   It was manufactured by B&O in 1951 and is all original (as far as I can tell).  This was the first ribbom mic produced by B&O and apparently the third mike in their arsenal. Bang & Olufsen is renowned for their high quality work.  Their ribbon mics are still treasured and can be found in professional studios and private collections.  Royer has copied B&O's design in their high-end studio ribbon microfons. The BM-2 is actually quite rare and it does not come to auction very frequently.

The microphone has been tested with a B&O cable ( included) and I got a good signal in both the T(alk) and M(usic) settings.  The switch functions well and engages crisply.  The overall condition of the casing, screen and silks are excellent without major defect.  In my possesion, the mic has never been exposed to phantom power or a multimeter. It has never been blown into and it was disassembled in a dust free area devoid of iron particles.

A leather carrying case is provided but it is not OEM.  There is no stand available.


    The condition of this item is:

      Tested Functioning Never Exposed to Phantom Power or a Multimeter   Smoke Free Element Intact   Logo intact Very Rare Vintage

    The accessories for this item are:

      OEM Cable to 1/4 inch male

    The specfications of this item are:

      Figure Eight Ribbon/Velocity

      Weight and Height: 14.2 oz;  6 x 2.5 Inches
      Capsule: Ribbon
      Year Manufactured: 1951

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