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    Offered is one Western Electric 618B Dynamic Vinatge Microphone. This is the only "B" version of the 618 that I have seen or heard of. I cannot find any information about the "B" although it seems identical to the "A" which is quite rare but more familiar. This was purchased from Japan althought the lettering on the back appears to be Chinese. The 618 is of historical note as it was apparently the world's first commercially available dynamic microphone. ("Twelve Microphones that Changed History") It was heavily used in radio at the time, indeed FDR is pictured behind a bunch of these during his fireside chats.


    The function could not be assessed as I do not have the No. 80A amplifier nor do I have cabling. The condition of the mike is excellent and it comes in its original wooden, felt lined case. The case is missing the handle.  The product information can be reviewed here.  The 618 was developed at Bell Labs in the late 1920s by Wente and Thuras, with a patent following in 1931. Bell Labs was the research/engineering branch of Western Electric at the time.  It was actually a unidrectional dynamic mic with low impedence and high sensitivity.


    The condition of this item is:

      Tested Functioning Restored Physical Restored Electrical Silk Damaged Rusted Threads Worn Cable  Absent Screws Missing Dent*Scratch*Crack Been Dropped Smoke Free Element Intact Very Rare Vintage

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    The specfications of this item are:

      Weight and Height: 12.4 oz; 5.25x4.25x2.25 "
      Capsule: Empty Shell
      Year Manufactured: 1940s?


** means negative (NOT / NO / hasn't been)
       means positive (yes / is / has been)

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      The only postal option offered is the United States Postal Service, Priority or Express mail.   Insurance is highly recommended.  I will assist you on any needed. insurance claims but I cannot be responsible for lost or damaged uninsured items.

      International postage will likewise be provided solely by the USPS but surface mail options are not provided as the delay in delivery often results in disputes and anxiety on both ends. (International buyers note if the packed weight exceeds 4 pounds, Global Priority Mail is not an option. Also, for all international orders, the buyer must supply a phone number for the customs form)

      I pack in a paranoid fashion, double boxed, bubble wrapped and often styrofoamed with shredded papered. The item is usually in a separate plastic bag as well.


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      No Excessive Negative Feedback.  I reserve the right to cancel any bids for any reason. Email for questions and/or customized transactions.  Payment is expected within 5 days of sale.




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