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The Echolette ES-14 was made by Sennheiser for the Klemt Co., Echolette in 1960. This is a vintage German Dynamic microphone of that era and shares the same capsule and design with the Sennheiser MD-409. It has been said that the original MD-409 is superior to the present silver model.  It has a cardioid polar pattern.  It was originally marketted as "Universalmikrofon fur Gesang" or a universal microphone for singing. It actually tolerates high sound pressure levels and has a great bass response.  The capsule rattles with movement as the foam rubber shock mount has undoubtably degenerated in 50 years but this should be an easy fix.

    "Echolette, Germany. Founded 1949, closed in 1969.

    In association with the Klemt Co., Echolette was founded around 1949. The founder was Hans Bauer. Emphasis was on production of amplifiers with reverberation (hence the name "Echolette") for professional applications. First products were entirely tube-based, later moving to partially transistorized designs. In 1969, the company merged with the Dynacord Co. in Straubing. Products under the name "Echolette" were produced until the 1980s."

    AKG also manufactured microphones for Echolette including the D12 (Echolette ED12/200 ) and AKG D 1000C (Echolette Top 10), to just name a few.


    The condition of this item is:

      Tested Functioning Restored Physical Restored Electrical Silk Damaged Rusted Threads Worn Cable Absent Screws Missing Minor Cracking on the white switch (not loose or tenuous) Been Dropped Smoke Free NOS Element Intact Mint Self Noise (The capsule rattles as I suspect that the foam rubber shock mount has Sounds Great   Logo intact Very Rare Vintage


    The accessories for this item are:

      Original Case Power Supply Original Papers Stand Included Wind Screen Tuschel XLR OEM Cable Set Original Box


    The specfications of this item are:

      Cardioid   Dynamic

      Frequency: 40-16000
      Impedance: 250 Ohm @ 1000cycles/sec
      Maximum Sound Pressure Level: US postage (Air...)
      Weight and Height: 280 gm
      Capsule: Dynamic
      Year Manufactured: 1960
      Sensitivity: .32 mVs/pbar


      **  means negative (NOT / NO / hasn't been)
      means positive (yes / is / has been)


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