The Steanes Vintage Ribbon Microphone (The Ellipsoid) was manufactured in the 1946. This is the only other "bullet" shaped ribbon microphone that I know of. The other being a Tannoy. Correct me if I am wrong! This fits comfortably in my hand although I've never heard of a harp player using a ribbon. I would guess that it is pseudo-directional for a figure eight. This is a nove transducer and is of a novel design and style. This distinctive appearance is unlike any other mike that I have seen.

I've opened it up as it was rattling. Steanes used some stuff that became crumbly to stabilize the element. I cleaned the gunk out and inserted foam rubber to stabilize it. The ribbon is intact. The work area was devoid of iron filings and dust. It also functions, tested with alligator clips and a guitar amp, but it could use a new cable as is evident.  I cleaned and polished it a bit removing some oxidation and the condition is good in my opinion. This mic comes from Down-Under.

    Steanes (Steanes Sound Systems) was located in Melbourne in 1946 and later (1948) in Sydney Australia. Steanes and other Australian retailers of that era were reputed to re-sell imported microphones manufactured abroad and affixing their label and trademark to them. Very little is known about the company. If these were imported, it is not clear who the manufacturer might be as they are quite unique. Other Steanes microphones include the Torpedo RIbbon (1940's), Dynacard (1946) full floating moving coil, HandyMike (1946) dynamic and the Dynamike (1946) also dynamic. They also made a PA type crystal mike in the early 1950s.

    Sorry, I can't read the ohms or output either.




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