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The Grampian GR2-X is a vintage ribbon velocity microphone manufactured in England in the late 1950's to 1960's. This microphone is in excellent condition and sounds great. I particularly like it on acoustic guitar but it shines on vocals. It appears to be all original but I haven't disassembled it. It comes with the original paperwork, case, box, cable and shock mount.

It has an exceptionally flat frequency response (see response curves below).  It is actually quite small @ 5.5 inches in length and finished in satin chrome.   The difference between the GR1/GR2 models is detailed below as well.

Here are some links and discussion:

      The general tone is "dark" with lower output
      than more recent ribbon designs. Excellent for in
      studio broadcasting, voice over and interviews

      The Grampian Ribbon is similar in construction to a Reslo, and has the ribbon frame which can be positioned, a bit, within the confines of the magnet assembly. This is a fairly conventional setup with two horseshoe magnets and tapered pole pieces defining the magnetic gap.

      GRAMPIAN DID IT 1932 - 1975
      Grampian established a reputation for 'Firsts' way back in 1932 with the development of moving coil microphones, a further 'First' was the pioneering of a sound package for ENSA in 1940, but possibly the most notable 'First' was the application of solid state switching to audio systems leading to the development of their highly successful; Series 7 System

      I have asked and still do not know if there ever was a "Mr. Grampian" (or perhaps a Ms Grampian). If so, I would very much appreciate a picture of Grampian, the person. I have also heard there are some Grampian Mountains, somewhere in Scotland. Perhaps these are named after the not-so-famous pinnacles. I don't know. Something about the name Grampian reminds me of an episode from "The Goons".


    The condition of this item is:

      Tested Functioning Restored Physical Restored Electrical Silk Damaged Rusted Threads Worn Cable Bad / Absent Screws Missing Dent*Scratch*Crack Been Dropped Smoke Free NOS Element Intact Mint Self Noise High Sounds Great Used on Drums Logo intact Very Rare Vintage


    The accessories for this item are:

      Original Case Power Supply Original Papers Stand Included Wind Screen Tuschel XLR OEM Cable Set Original Box OEM Boom Mount OEM Stand Inc OEM Shock Mount OEM Lanyard


    The specfications of this item are:

      Figure Eight ("semi-cardioid"?) Ribbon/Velocity
      Frequency: 40-15000 c/s
      Impedance: 200 ohms
      Maximum Sound Pressure Level:
      Weight and Height: 9oz / 5.5x1.5x1.25"
      Capsule: Ribbon-Velocity
      Year Manufactured: 1970?
      Sensitivity: 1 Kc/s



      **  means negative (NOT / NO / hasn't been)
      means positive (yes / is / has been)


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      I pack in a paranoid fashion, double boxed, bubble wrapped and often styrofoamed with shredded papered. The item is usually in a separate plastic bag as well.

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