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By Warren S. Goff, D.O.

One problem I haven't solved is the sustain on some instruments such as organs.
A panic button is provided on most screens if this happens.
It works intermittently.

Constructing and Playing Songs/Progressions

Chord Input is performed using the drop-down boxes

after depressing one of the Chord Sequence Buttons

Keyboard Help

The Chord Banks allow one to cycle through all chords entered into as Chord
Sequences. This circumvents using the mouse to choose a chord
while playing in realtime with the keyboard.

Playing and Play back displays which strings are being hit.

MIDI Instruments

Preset Alternative Tunings

Custom Alternative Tunings

MIDI IN and Out Devices

To use the program you must at least have a MIDI-OUT device (eg SoundBlaster).

12 Bar Blues in  A or Lead Guitar Scales