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This microphone is enigmatic. It is a Tubular, Ultradirectional Vintage Microphone circa 1930s (?). It has a Western Electric 696A transducer element soldered to it.  It resembles the Western Electric D-99098 impedance element which is usually coupled with a 618A and referred to as "The Machine Gun Mike".  RCA also made a similar mic, M-10006-A: The High Sensitivity Varidirectional Microphone. The "ultradirectional attachment" to the MI-10006-A was the RCA MI-10008 tubular element. I am unsure of the actual manufacturer of this microphone although the Western Electric 696A might indicat that it was WE.

The concept is to make the microphone non-resonant by providing various tube lengths to match a wide range of frequencies. The WE D-99098 was said to have an acoustical resistance equal to that of air.

    The polar pattern is similar to a hypercardioid or supercardioid microphone (see below). What I find interesting is the fact that unlike the typical hypercardioid pattern, there is virtually no pickup from the back of the mic. Usually, the more directional a microphone is made, the closer it mimics a figure eight pattern.

    This microphone is untested and is quite the behometh. With the stand, it weighs 11 pounds (without 3 pounds) and measure 39 inches in length. The red finish appears to be original as it extends to the interior of all of the 33 tubes. The condition of the mic is quite good although the paint is scratched off in multiple small areas. The pictures tell the story best.





    The condition of this item is:

      Tested Functioning Restored Physical Restored Electrical Silk Damaged Rusted Threads Worn Cable Bad / Absent Screws Missing Dent, Scratch Been Dropped Smoke Free Element Intact Very Rare Vintage


    The accessories for this item are:

      Stand Included


    The specfications of this item are:

      Ultradirectional, Tubular

      Dimensions: 11 pounds (with the stand) 3 Pounds (without stand) 39 inches long
      Capsule: Western Electric Condenser? Transmitter 
      Year Manufactured: 1930s?

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