Depending on your CPU, the time to load the phrases and files is variable.

The main interface. Most of the options are duplicated in the menus.

One may search either in English or Pinyin.

To pronounce the Chinese, Copy only the Numbered Pinyin in the Main Window after Selecting it or Click the Copy Button.
If the Read Clipboard Option is turned on, pronunciation will occur.

Favorites are saved from the Clipboard also on this tab.

The numbered Pinyin can only be entered from the drop-down box and added with the + button.


Med Data will display any saved Medical Data (below)
and edited using the menus above.

Clear erases the Main Window.

Search criteria may be customized.

Saved Favorites can be recalled
and edited using the menus above.

The Main Window is a webpage and it can be expanded in the
default browser.

Printing of the page is also a feature.

The process of Saving Favorites is different depending on the tab selected.

On the Dictionary Tab one must first Copy Selected text to the Clipboard
before adding it to Favorites.
Simplified Chinese will not be saved from the Clipboard
to the Favorites.

 On the Phrases Tab one must Select the Phrases using the multicheck boxes
before adding them to Favorites.

One may view the Favorites in the Main Window on the Dictionary Tab.

The drop-down menu allows deleting and editing of the Favorites.

Saving Medical Data also depends on the Tab and has the same limitation
with the Clipboard and Simplified Chinese.

The Phrases, Drugs Lab and Medical Dictionary Tabs support saving
Medical Data.

One must first select a Drug Class in the drop-down box.

Highlight or Select the desired Drug with its Pinyin and Copy it to the Clipboard.

Then Add it to
Rx (the medications that you are taking) or
 Allg (drugs that you are allergic to.)

One may add specific medical conditions from
the Medical Dictionary Tab by Selecting them (check-boxes) and Adding.

The same option is available from the Medical Phrases List.

The Medical Data can be edited in the View Data Window.
It can be Saved and then recalled from the Main Dictionary Tab.

One can convert the Pinyin to Simplified Chinese on the Drug Classes
but this format cannot be added to Medical Data.

Printing these pages is advised if Chinese Characters are needed.

I suggest one print out a copy of the Lab Form and write in your values if need be.

Multiple sets of Conversational Phrases can be added to Favorites or Medical Data.
Insults are disabled by default but can be Enabled from the Menu.

Phrase Pronunciation Files can be archived and recalled.
They are saved as .wav files which can be converted to .mp3's
and added to a portable player.

Any of the phrases displayed in the above boxes may be Viewed in the Main Dictionary Tab.