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    The Recording and Reproduction of Sound by Oliver Read was published in 1952. It is a classic with 790 pages. Included is an entire chapter of vintage microphones including Western Electric 618A, 630A & 640AA, RCA 77A & 77d, Altec 21B, Shure CR & 707A crystal, Astatic DR10 and Electrovoice mics.  It is a treatise on Sound Physics, Acoustic Recording to Magnetic and Vinyl, Loudspeakers, Acoustic, PA-systems and much more. Please review the Table of Contents in text and pdf below.

    The condition of the book is good with some very mild yellowing of the pages. The binding is broken at the back and a few pages are loose at that point but easily repaired. There is a signature in the front but there is no underlining that I have seen. There is no water staining or tears and all pages appear to be present.

    BTW the Western Electric 640AA mic and amplifier are available in another auction of mine presently as is the Shure Brown Bullet, a close relative to the 707A crystal, for what it's worth.




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Table of Contents


Behavior of Sou,nd Waves 1

Definition of Sound-Amplitude-Frequency-Complex Waves-Pitch-The

Octave-Intensity-The Decibel-··Periodicity-Waveform-Timbre-Distortion-

The Ear-Quality-Fidelity-Spcech-Music-The Scale-Frequency

Range-Noise-Technical Aspects of Sound-Transverse Wave-Longitudinal

Wave--Wavefront-Harmonic Motioll-Periodic Motion-Random Motion-

Penod-Wavelength-Fundamcntal Frequency-Halmonic Frequency

-Sub-Halmonic Frequency-Plane Wavc-Transdncer-Phase--Constructive

[nterierence--Destructive Interf.erence-Beats-Standing Wave--Spherical

Wave--Fourier's Theorem--Anti-Nodal Points-Nodal Points-Speed of

Sound-Pitch and Intensity-The Bel-Reference Level-Loudness.


Hist01!J of Ae01~stieal Recording . 10

Thomas Edison-The Ediphone-The Phonautograph-The Dictaphone-Alexander

Graham Bell-The Gramaphone-Phonograph-Volta-BerlinerEldridge

Johnson - Diaphragm- Sound 13oxes- Electro-Deposition- Speed

Regulator-The Auxetophone--Parsons, Sil' Charles-Bar-Valve (Air Pressure)-

Damping-Victrola-Acoustical Reproducer-Master Record-Electrical

Recording-Pickups-Capacity Pickup.


Basic Reeording Methods . 18

Sound On Disc-Engraving-Cutting HClad-Groove-Land-Chip (Scrap)

~Embossing-ConstantGroove Speed-The Gray Audograph-Flux (lines

of) -Angular Velocity-Sound on Film (optical) -Movietone--Variable Density-

Variable Area-RCA Photophone-Light Valve--Lens Systems-Variable

Area Recording-Embossing Sound on Film-Filmgraph-IndentingRecordgraph-

Automatic Trackover-Western Electric "Hill and Dale" Recording-

Magnetic Sound for Motion Pitcures-35 mm. Recording Machine

-Magnetic Film-Magnetic Heads (fiIm)-Monitor (Sound on Film)Sound

Tracks (film) -Binaural and Stereophonic Film Recording-Film Recording

System (magnetic)-Operation (film)-Magnetic Recording on Tape,

Disc and Wire--Essential Components-Combined Hends-Supersonic Oscillator-

Bias-Basic Wire Heads-Retentivity.


Lateral Dise Reeording . 34

The Cutter Head-Amplitude Characteristics-Recording CharacteristicsConstant

Velocity-Stylus Velocity·-Groove Displacement-Overcut--Constant

Amplitude-Crossover-Corrective NetwOl"k-Surface Noise-Rumble

and Vibration-Orthocoustic Recording-NAB Standards-Playback Characteristic-

Magnetic Cutters-Damping-Mounting-Motorboard Vibration

-Cabinet Vibration-Mechanical Feedback-Test Record-Recording Styli

and Cutting Pressure--Recording Level·-Impedance Matching-Cutter Impedance--

Total Impedance of Cutte!' and Auxiliary Circuits-Magnetic Cutters

for iProfessional Applications--Temperature--Groove Dimensions-Stylus

Adjustment-Noise Test--Detennining Reeording Level-The Crystal

Cutter--Surface Noise--Noise Reduction-Characteristics of Crystal Elements-

Piezoelectric-Bender-Twister-The Bimorph-Temperature Range

-Operation of Crystal Cutter-Coupling" Circuits-Turns Ratio-Mountill'gthe

Crystal Cutter.


Disc Recorders .



Introduction-Home Recording Technique--Home Recording Styli-Home Recording

Blanks-as PA System-Description-Mixing-Monitoring-Stylus

Angle Adjustment--Depth of Cut-Adjustment of Arm and Feed Screw-Reproducing

Crystal and Needles-Recording Head-Microphones-CopiesMaintenance-

Meissner 4DR (specs)-Professional Disc Recorders-RCA 73B

-Diagram-Specmcations-Disc Recording Filters-Cutter design-Crossover

Filter Design-Operating Characteristics-Response Curves-Cutter

Calibration-Presto Models 8D and 8D-G Recorders-Faircllild 539 Disc Recordel's-

Fairchild 523 Studio Recorder.


Microgroove Recording . 89

Columbia LP and RCA 45 micl'ogroove-Styli-Pickups-Specifications and

Playing Time--Fine Groove Modification-Kit--Recording' Technique-Groove

Dimensions-Tracing Diswrtion-Cutter Bounce--Force Gauge--Bounce

Measurements-Dashpot-Recorder Action-Pivot--Lacquer Variation.


Recm·ding (Cntting) Styli . 103

Types-Sapphire--Alloy-Steel-Cutting Angle-Hi Fidelity Recording-Recording-

Recording Levels-Filters-Flutter-Cutter Adjustments-TestsGroove

Spacing-Burnishing Facet-Capps-Noise Modulation-Anti-noise

Modulation-Stylus-Variations-Noise Factor-V-Groove Recording StyliColumbia

Hot Stylus Recording-Conventional Lacquer Styli-Measurement

Technique--Frequency !Response--Heated Stylus Performance.


The Decibel, . 124

Determination of Ratios-Conversion Chart--Relationships-Applications--Use

of Slide Rule--Reference Charts--Power Level-VI Meters---Rectifier

Meters-The VU Meter-Characteristics-Scales-Power Level Meters-Attenuators-

Bridging Loss.


Phono Reproducers (Pickups) . 138

Crystal Cartridges-Equalizers-Temperature and Humidity Efl'ects-PN

Cartridge-Lever Type-Magnetic Reproducers-FM Pickup-Strain-Sensitive

Pickup-AM Picltup-Tuned Ribbon-GE Variable Reluctance--Pickering'-

Fairchild Dynamic-Phono Cartridges fol' Standard 78 and for MicrogToove--

Electro Voice-Multi-Speed Changers-Universal Tip Styli-Dual

Styli Cartridge-Audax-Astatic-GE.


ToneArms and Reprodncing Styli ,163

Types-Groove Skating-Styli and Record Wear-Pinching Effect--Perm.anent

Styli-Development--Tip Materials---Chec1c Chart-·--Astatic 7-D-Duplex



Magnetic (Tape and Wire) Recording . . 178

Methods-Theory-Caml'as, Marvin-Materials-Recol'ding Bias-Ultrasonic

Biasing-Properties of Magnetic Wire--Diswrtion-Magnetic Head DesignFrequency

Response-Materials-Wire vs, Tape-Testing of Magnetic Tapes

-HF Bias-HF Currents in Erasure--Curve Graphs-Harmonic DistortionEstablishing

Bias Valves-De Bias-Erasure by Pelmanent Magnet-Frequency

Dependence--Visible Tracks--Time Effects-Noiseraser-Signal

Transfel'-Performance Testing,



Magnetic Tape Reco-rders " 209

Mechanical Requircments-Electronic Circuits-Functional RequircmentsReconl-

Repl'oduce Heads-Hi-Impedance Head-Bias and AF Current ReqUÎrements-

Noisc ·l';l'asing-Circuits-Equalization-Frequency Response

SO\ll\ominol'-'1'ape Systems-Eicor Dual-Track-Drive Assembly-Motor

-( ,a":-.;tan-H,,IL [dl '1" Wheel--Inspection-Amplifier-Indicator-Hum Test

()peratinlllli P'Hilurcs-Specs-·--Professional Tape Recordel's-DesignNil

I{'I' Il ~I)('('ds-I{CA- RT-I 1A-Pl'Csto RC-10/14/24-Presto 900-A2 and 901f\

l l\mpiifil'I'~i M;tillb~nal\e(~f)istortion-Stancil-Hoffman R4-Minitape Rel'Of'llll)'

lV1 illi;ltlll'i".(;<1 Playbaclc Amplificr-Multi-Channel Recorder-Magne"

111'<11'1' 1''1' (;:; Il PT (;;l-.J Amplifier-PT 7-AX and PT 7-C :Magl1ecorders:-;

t.lldill (:/lililO(O.


· 266

WC':1(J'J'X nA-l4.m PJ'of(~s~ional Magnetic Recol'ding System for :35, 17Jh and 16

JlIIII. 1·'ilms-DescriptioJl--ASA-llccorder-Film Path-Controls-Structure

,1 1l'ive Transmission System-Amplifier-Bias Oscillat l'-Power Supply1\

1 i xJ"'-Equalizcl's--Control 11nit-Performance-Stancil·Hoffman S4--De'

l('I'ipLiol\-S:~ Amplifiers-·Rang'el'tone R-51~M Synchronous Tape RecorderM"

l\itol'ing-Motion l'ictul'C Application-Dubbing-Post Synchronizjng\'



MÙ:'I"ophones . 28.4-

TYJles-Cal'bon-Crystal--Sound Cell-DiOEel'ential-Non-Directional-Dymunjc-

Broadcast-Movil1~"Coil--Westem Electric 618-A-Eight Bali, 630-A

Velocity, ReA 4<1-I3X-Unidil'ectional Velocity, RCA 77-A-Polydirectional,

RCA 77-D-Cardioid, WE (i:~9-A-Cardioid Crystal, Astatic DR-10-Con(

1(4)1SCr, WE 640 AA-ControJled R0.luctance, Shure Bi'os"-~-Miniature Micro)

lhoncs-Altec 21B---·St(wens C-2S-EI0.ctl'o Voice 636-EV 655 Dynamic,


/;o/I,dS1JealcM's and Enclosures. · 315

Design Requirements-Speaker Placemcnt-Resonance-Damping-Response

-Corner Enclosul'e-Elcctrical Damping-Fecdback and Phase Shift--Enclosures-

Flat Baffle-Vented Cabincts-Bass Reflex-Klipschorn Corner Cabinet

-Auditory Perspective-Theatre Systems-Multiple Speakers-Labyrinth

gncIosure-Closed Box Baffies-Concs-Accordian Cone-Coaxial Reproduccrs-

Triaxial Speaker-Jensen G-610--Distribution Angle-Loudspeaker Behavior-

Cabinet Design Data for 1.5" Mechanisms-Measurements-Cabinet

Volume-W aU Construction- Damping-Mounting'- Config\uation-Electro

Voice SP1.2-B-Jim Lansing"-RaCOTl Twceter-Atlas Tweeter-Conclusion.


1)1:viding N etworks and Filters · 354

Introduction-Dividing Netwol'ks-Position of Ketwork-Use of Tables-Design

of Audio NetwQrks-Attcnuating' Equalizers-Types-Filtcr NetworksFrequency

Dividing' Networks-Impedance Matching.


'l'one Control (Eqv..a11:zers) . 385

Resistance-Capacitance (R-C) Networks-l'one Compensation Systems-Position

in Amplifier-Calculations-Resonallt Eqllalizers-Commel'cial Equali".

ers-Degenel'ative Tone Control-Noise Suppression Filters-Record Equalir.

el's-Record Compensators-Program Equalizers.


Attenuators and Mixers


. 406

Input Coupling Methods-Attenuators for Recording and Broadcast--Public

Address Attenuators-Fixed Attenuators and Pads-Classifications-T PadPotentiometel's-

Mixer Circuits-Ladder Mixers-Lineal' Control-Master

Contl'ols-Mixel'S fOl' Recol'ding and Broadcast-Constant Impedance Mixing

-Parallel Mixers-Series Mixers-Splitting' Pads-Power Loss of Pad-Delta

to Star Conversion----Practical Application-Matehing with Series Resistors.


Amplification . 420

Classification-Voltage and Power Amplifiers-Coupling Methods-Phase Inverters-

Circuitry-Cross-Coupled Input and Phase Inverter-Circuit-Appli

cation in Instruments-Audio Applications-Expansion-Conclusions-PreAmplification-

Hum Isolation-Microphonics-Program or Line AmplifiersRemote

Amplifiers-Circuit Analysis-Two-tube Phono Amplifier-IO watt acdc

Amplifier-8 watt Amplifier with Cathode Follower-lO-16 watt Amplifier

-8 tube Amp. with Volume Expander-Tone Control-Recording AmplifiersTriodes-

Monitor Channel-A 10 watt Amplifier with Expansion-Dynamic

Noise Suppression-Analysis-Location-Effects-Low Distortion Volume Expansion.


P'reamp-Equal1:zers . 472

A Preamp for Magnetic and Crystal Pickups-Equalizer Design-An Improved

Equalizer-Preamp-Desig'n Charts-Commercial Preamp-Equalizers-McIntosh

AE-2A-Scott Dynaural Preamp-Turnover Control-Constant-Amplitude

Pickup Compellsation--Goodell PRA-l PI'eamplifi~rDdver.


Music Systems. . 496

Audio Quality-High Frequency Response-,Bass Response lJefinition--Natul'alness-

Pl'esence-Dynamic Range-Amplifiers fol' HOllle Music SystemsMeIntosh

Amplifier-Electrical Design-The Williamson Amplifter-Pel'fOlmance-

Electronic Workshop A-20-5 System-Packag-e Systems-Physical Requirements.


PA Sound Systems , 519

Applications-General System Plall-Sehool System-MaJ'kets-Gain-Noise

-VI Setting-Output Load Impedance-Western Eleetl'ic Systems---Power

Distl'ibution-Auditorium Loudspeaker Volume Efficiency of Classroom

Loudspeakers-Outdoor Announcing' System-Hotel System-Guest Room

Loudspeakers-Auditorium System-Indoor Speech System-PA Mobile Unit

-Power Plant-Distribution of Load-Generator Noise-·Emergency SourceLoudspeakers-

Power Requi remen ts-AmplifieJ's-Tunel'-Reeorders-Turntables-

Microphones-Field Telephones-Chureh Tower Systems-LocationRequirements-

lOO watt System-Phasing'-Power Ovetload and Protection-··

Sel'ies vs. Pal'alle1 Operation-Precautions-Overload Protection-Radial Reflex

Projector-Exponential Re-Entrant Trumpets-Straight Exponential

Horns-Railway Speakers--Horizontally-concentrated Homs-Drivel' Units---Multicel1ular

Horns and LI" Speakers-PA Maintenance-MeasUl'ements.


Acoustics , 552

Auditorium Acoustics-Structural Noise-Insu1ating Walls-Inside NoiseReducing

Reverberation-Acoustical Materia1s-Size Limits-Dead AreasFidelity-

Measurements-Acoustic Properties-Acoustic MeasurementsAcoustic

Characteri,stics-Sound Level and Power Measul'ements-Results in

Practice-Audio Powel' Requirements-Loudspeaker Efficiency.


(:lrAI"['I':H 2~

Tuners (AM-FM) , , 569

Wide Range Bandpa$' CI'YflLal '1'11111'1" 'l'h,, TnF' Tuner-Alignment-Miniature

Superhet AM Tuner 0pll)';Illl .. AM l''M 'l'uner-Espey AM-FM Tuner

Chassis-Col.lins FM-A M '1'1111"1' (;1'" r1.~lIlllJll ltC-lO Toeler-Equalizer,

Speech Input Systems , 580

Introduction-Program Productioll alld 1)ispalching-Symbol Key Shcet---ProgTam

Production Unit~T'rogl'i 11.1 Bhldillg'-Level Controls-IndicatorsMain

Amplifier-Mo:r..itol'in~'1,'udllt.iv, fmj>lldance Stabilization-Master Dispatching

Equinment-l'l'of.!:nllll ~anlplillg-l'J.'og'ram Distribution-System

Applications-Componentr> l'm' SrI (?('h Il\V~lt. Systems-Speech Input ConsoleSpecifications-

The Remot<-~ Ampli!il,r The :ueing Amplifier-The VU Panel

-Attcnuator Panels-The BoasL ]' Amplilicr-Thc Program Amplifier-The

Monitor Amplifier-The Limit.ing' i\lllJl]il1ül',


Complete Recording S1]stems . . 604

Semi-Profcssionat Recording- S)islelll-Th(~ Preamp-Equalizer-The L1ne

Amplifier and Bridging Bus-Thl, .J'là Fkld-'l'he Main (Recording) Amplifier

-The Monitor Amplifier-Spare Amp l''M-AM Tuner-Television TunerSpeaker

Lines-Recording rl'ul'nlablc~ 'l'avc Recorder-Meter Panel-Circuitry-

Patch Cords and Plugs Hridg'ing' Hus-Commercial Recording Systems-

Studio Requirements-NA l.t'!' 11 l';qual iwtion-Multichannel MixingDiameter

Equalization-Equalizing: Pickufls--l'atching Circuits-DubbingPortable

Recording Console--l<'\l1~dioll,


Reco'rd Manufacture (Pressings) . 634

Processing-Manufacturing Techlliqu~!s-SeJ1sitizing-Electro DepositionCoppel'

Plating-Metal Mastel.'---Mother-Stamper Production ControlPressings.


Audio Measure-nwnis . 641

Distortion - Amplitude - Frequency - Phase Shift - Harmonie Analyses\

Vave Analysis-Sine Wave-lntermodulation-Non-Linearity-Intermodulation

Analyzer-Intermodulation Distortion Meter-Signal Generator-Frequency

Response Measurements-Swccp Frequency Techniques-Phase Shift

Technique-Phase Distortion-Frcqueney Bridges-Square Wave TestingClipping-

Routine Amplifier Te$ts-Gain-Feedback-Impedance-Power

Output-Hum and Noise Level-Contro[ of Hum-Hum Characteristics-Cutter

Head Response Measurement-Light l.'a.ttcrns-Frequency Records-Microscope

Method-Photocell Method-F'M Method-Monitoring-Measurement of

Sound-Sound Levels.


Recording and Rewoducing Standm'ds . 684

N ARTB Standards for-Mechanical~Magnetic-Optkal-Recording-Reproducing-

Glossary of Terms and Definitions.

Awm~ .7~

Disc recording adjustments-Glo$SU1'y-Bibliography of magnetic recordingCondenser

color code-Transformer color code-Resistance color code-Formulae---

Mathematical symbols and constants-Fundamental electrical lawProperties

of vacuum tubes-Amplifier classification-Radio terrns-Resistance

coupled amplifier data-,!'ables-Decibel table-Logarithm tables-T and

H pads-Filter design-Feedback.