Face it, Google has a monopoly on the Internet and by dominating searches they own the web and us. As such, they "do no evil" by distilling our privacy and prostituting it out to whatever advertiser is willing to pay. The searches are dominated by their self-interest which seriously degrades the content and utility. They know this and arrogantly state that you have a choice to use other search engines, "Period" (Lawmakers press Google on privacy policy changes :"policy manager Betsy Masiello"). We will need to wait for antitrust action by the FTC to break the behemoth down into equitable pieces. The Internet is ours, not theirs. In the meantime, this little program affords you some options to loosen their grip.

Google claims to allow you to block offensive websites. The service has been inconsistent and inaccurate. It allows you to block only certain sites and preserves the links for their high-roller advertisers. Lately, with their consolidation, the block website feature no longer works (at least for me). My searches are usually highly obscured by unrelated spam and simply, crap. It makes the task of finding pertinent information tedious and frustrating. Google is still the best search option around for me though, which says little of the competition.

Screw-10^100 (by the way, 10^100  is a google) or Screw-gle uses a  Google search feature to block any site by putting a minus sign ("-") in front of the undesirable item. For example if you were performing a search looking for "quality content" and wanted to block all of the garbage from "wikipedia" one would simply type "quality content -wikipedia" in the search box and it's gone. This task becomes huge when you want to block a high volume of junk manually.

That's what Screw-10^100 does. It allows you to block as many sites and keywords as you please. You can store all of your searches. You can customize a list of blocked sites for each search or use a default list for all searches. The program is pretty simple while feature rich IMHO.


When the program is executed, it opens in the System Tray. In addition, it will run a search for any text already in the Clipboard, using the default set of blocked terms.

    The idea is that if you are surfing the web and find something that you want to search for, you can simply select and copy the term(s). Then by executing the program, your search is performed. Regardless, the icon will now reside in the System Tray and all further searches will be performed from there. Only one instance of the program can run at the same time:

If you Right Click on the Icon, the popup menu appears. If you want to search for a term copied to the Clipboard click "Search Clipboard". Otherwise, you can work from the user interface:

From the top down, I will describe the features:

  • Displays this help file.
  • In the Search Text box, type in your query. Hitting Enter or Clicking "Google Search" runs a Google search in your Default Browser. It will prefix a "-" to each terms in the List. Whatever search is performed will be saved in the Prior Searches Drop-Down Box. In addition, the list of blocked terms will be saved and assigned to this search also (in the bottom Drop-Down Box)

  • This allows you to construct customized searches with blocked terms which can be recalled. You may clear the Search Box .
  • You can also search whatever is in the Clipboard by Clicking "Google Search Clipboard".
  • Prior Searches contains prior searches ;) By selecting one in the Drop-Down box, the search is performed using the associated Blocked Terms , thereby allowing you to recall customized searches.
  • You may delete all Prior Searches along with any associated Blocked Terms Lists . Be careful, this cannot be undone!
  • You may manually add Blocked Terms by typing them into the Blocked Terms textbox and clicking "Add Blocked Term".
  • You may start a new Blocked Term List by Clicking "New" and this can be undone ("Undo").  
  • You might want to save the blocked terms by clicking "Save Blocked Terms" and providing a title:


  • You may delete any selected item in the List by clicking "Delete" .
  • You may add a blocked term that has been copied to the Clipboard. This is a particularly helpful feature allowing you to construct a large set of blocked terms quickly. For example, perform a search for "Diaper Rash" in Google. You will be bombarded by every imaginable retailer trying to sell you what typically causes a diaper rash. Simply select each URL or term. Copy it to the Clipboard and click "Add from Clipboard .
  • You may also Auto-Add terms from the Clipboard to the blocked terms list. When the "Auto-Add from Clipboard" button is depressed, anything that is copied to the clipboard will be automatically added to the list.

  • When the Top (icon) button is depressed , the program will stay on top of all other windows.
  • By selecting an item in the bottom Drop-Down Box where Saved Blocked Lists are stored, the terms re-populate the list and can be used for subsequent searches.

This can be undone

  • The "Saved Blocked Terms" buttons does exactly what it says .
  • You may delete all of the Blocked Terms Lists . Be careful, this cannot be undone!
  • saves the current list of blocked terms as the default. The default list loads whenever the program is executed.

Good luck to all of you out there who need this functionality. Remember, "If you can't beat'em, Screw'im"!


Add "google" to your blocked list and watch all of their self-serving services such as shopping and social media disappear. I won't be surprised when they disable the "-" feature when it blocks their content in the future.

The program is light weight meaning that it is portable and requires no installation as long as you are using Windows XP or later. (Older Windows operating systems may need the Visual Basic 6.0 Runtimes. See You may simply unzip the file and run the executable anywhere. It will create files and subdirectories in the program directory so don't run it from your Desktop. Rather create a directory and run it from there. It can also be placed in a thumb-drive directory.

I've also provided an installation file which creates a directory under "Program Files", adds the program to the All Programs Start Menu and allows you to add an icon to your Desktop.

Oh, did I mention that the program is and always will be totally free (FREEWARE) without any limitation, nags, requests for donations or restrictions. In addition, it is open source. Feel free to modify it. Take yourself to task and use it at your own risk.

Download Stand-alone (.Zip)
Download Installation File (.Exe)
Download VB6.0 Source Code (.zip)